The setup

The Haunted House represents a miniature version of a typical smart home that you would find nowadays, and is equipped with real control and network infrastructures. The 2D building has been erected with a modular structure maps of all of the important living areas – from the living room, through the bathroom, and on to the study – and presents frequently used IoT (Internet of Things) devices on a floor space covering 4 x 2.5 meters. In this way all the rooms are connected to each other and fitted with IoT components that anyone can purchase. For example, traditional security modules such as wireless window contacts, smoke detectors, automatic door opening/locking systems, and a camera system have been implemented. The repertoire also includes popular IoT components such as heating thermostats, lamps, and shutters.

Last but not least, the Haunted House has of course communication modules such as tablets or speech-activated devices, too. All IoT items can be controlled live and the model thus can be brought to life.


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